Important Note: The Fisheries Education Centre is temporarily closed due to construction work.
About Us
The establishment of the Fisheries Education Centre aims at increasing the general public interests to our local capture fishing industry and promoting the public awareness on conservation of our fisheries resources and marine environment. After visiting the Centre, we hope that you will offer more support to our fisheries management measures and help promote the sustainable development of our fishing industry. The Centre, with an area of 190 metre-square, comprises 5 sections: lobby, aquarium, audio-visual room, activity room and exhibition room.


Postcards (HK$3/Set)

F4 Folder (HK$2)

Posters (HK$7/Set)

Mug (HK$15)

Commercial Crustaceans in Hong Kong (HK$48)

Recreational Fishing in Hong Kong (HK$52)