Hong Kong Marine Fish Database

Leiognathus brevirostris (Valenciennes, 1835)

Family: Leiognathidae
Common Name: shortnose ponyfish, slipmouth
Maximum size: 13.5 cm (TL)
Meristic: D. VIII, 16; A. III, 14; P. 18-19; GR. 22-23(5-6+17)

Description: Dorsal and ventral profile equal; protracted mouth pointing downward. Cheek, head and chest naked. Body silvery; brown vertical bands on back and a dark saddle on the nape, a narrow yellow stripe along lateral line; spinous anal fin, tip of lower caudal fin lobe, soft part of both dorsal and anal fins margin yellow.
Habitat: Demersal. Lives in shallow waters.
Remarks: Spawning from May to July.
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: India, Sri Lanka, China, Australia.