Hong Kong Marine Fish Database

Muraenesox cinereus (Forsskal, 1775)

Family: Muraenesocidae
Synonym: Muraenesox arabicus, Muraenosox cinereus
Common Name: Arabian pike-eel, conger pike, daggertooth pike conger
Maximum size: 220 cm (TL)
Meristic: Vertebrate 145-159

Description: Eel-shaped fish without scales; snout short; mouth large, upper jaw ending well behind eye; outer row of teeth in lower jaw pointing straight upward. 39 to 47 pores in lateral line from head to above anus. Head and back brownish grey, belly whitish grey.
Habitat: Demersal.
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, west coast of India, Sri Lanka, eastward to Indonesia, northward to Japan and Korea, southward to northern Australia.