Hong Kong Marine Fish Database

Platycephalus indicus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Family: Platycephalidae
Synonym: Platycephalus insidiator
Common Name: bartail flathead
Maximum size: 100 cm (TL)
Meristic: D. II+VII+I, 13 ; A. 13 ; P. 18-19 ; GR. 2-3+6-9 ; LL. 62-69

Description: Body elongated and flattened, covered with small ctenoid scales; head strongly depressed, smooth with obtuse and small spines only; vomerine teeth in a single transverse band (crescentic shape). Body pale yellowish brown dorsally with brownish stripes on dorsal fin; all fins pale yellow; many brownish dots on dorsal fins, pectoral and pelvic fins; caudal fin with 4-5 brownish horizontal stripes.
Habitat: Demersal. Found on sandy and muddy bottoms of coastal waters.
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea, South Africa, northern Indian Ocean to Indonesia, Korea, southern Japan, the Philippines, northern Australia.