Hong Kong Marine Fish Database

Stegastes lividus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)

Family: Pomacentridae
Synonym: Pomacentrus lividus
Common Name: blunt snout gregory
Maximum size: 13 cm (SL)
Meristic: D. XII, 14-16 ; A. II, 12-14 ; P. 18-19 ; LL. 17-19 ; GR. 8-10+15-19

Description: Serrated preopercle; smooth subopercle and opercle; 1 row of teeth on upper and lower jaw. Body light greyish brown to black; blue spot at centre of scales on head, body and fin sheaths; have distinct pale-edged black ocellus at the base of last few dorsal rays, extending to the back.
Habitat: Coral reef areas.
Distribution: Indo-Pacific: Red Sea, East African, north to the Ryukyu, throughout Micronesia.