Hong Kong Marine Fish Database

Acanthopagrus latus (Houttuyn, 1782)

Family: Sparidae
Synonym: Mylio latus, Sparus latus
Common Name: yellowfin seabream
Maximum size: 50 cm (TL)
Meristic: D. XI-XII, 10-11 ; A. III, 8 ; P. 15 ; GR. 4-5+8-9

Description: Body color is silvery grey. Black dots present at the origins of the lateral line and pectoral fin. Yellow pelvic and anal fins. 3.5 lines of scales present between the lateral line and the dorsal fin base.
Habitat: Demersal. Occurs in shallow coastal waters and enters river mouths and estuaries.
Remarks: It can be cultured in both sea and fresh water. It is protandrous, male will change to female at about age 2.
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: India, Philippines, northward to Japan and southward to Australia.