Hong Kong Marine Fish Database

Takifugu oblongus (Bloch, 1786)

Family: Tetraodontidae
Synonym: Fugu oblongus, Lagocephalus oblongus, Spheroides oblongus
Common Name: oblong blowfish, lattice puffer
Maximum size: 40 cm (TL)
Meristic: D. 12-13; A. 11; P. 15-17

Description: Body naked; spinules cover all body except the snout and caudal peduncle; interorbital space longer than snout length; nostrils covered by membrane. Triangular dorsal and anal fins; 2 lateral lines. Body light brownish green dorsally; many white dots on anterior head and dorsal body; 10 or more vertical brownish green bands on the dorsal side reaching the lateral side.
Habitat: Demersal. Lives in shallow coastal waters, but enters brackish waters.
Remarks: Poisonous. Head, liver, skin, intestine, ovary and testis are poisonous which can paralyze the central nervous system.
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: South Africa; Indonesia to Australia.